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Frequenty asked  questions

Can I buy your product without buying a full display? 2017-11-10T10:45:49+00:00

Our products are designed and manufactured specifically for our franchise to use and service. We do not sell our lights outside of our displays.

Do you service existing landscape & architectural lighting systems? 2017-11-10T10:45:11+00:00

Yes, one of our technicians can come and troubleshoot your existing system, and provide solutions to the problems you may be experiencing.

What all is included in your holiday displays? 2017-11-10T10:44:35+00:00

Our goal at Principle Lighting, Inc. is to provide premier turn-key service to our customers. When you have your initial appointment one of our consultants will provide you with a professionally designed display. After you approve the design, our workers will install your lights, service them throughout the season, take them down in the new year, and return in the spring once the snow has melted to make sure nothing was left behind.

What is the price of one of your company’s lighting displays? 2017-11-10T10:43:26+00:00

At Principle Lighting, Inc. you will get a professionally designed lighting display, measured and designed specifically for your house. Because everything is done as a custom order we can’t give pricing out without meeting with you on your property.

Do I have to purchase the lights for your company to install? 2017-11-10T10:42:14+00:00

No, both Christmas Décor and Nite Time Décor have specifically designed and manufactured lights that our company provides to our clients.

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